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The Perfect Gift For Christmas, PAZAZ Style!

When I was a GM at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and then Restaurants Manager at the Mark Hopkins Hotel atop knob hill I dreamed of creating my own brand of custom made, hand crafted, kitchen tools (for the discerning chef) that could be used both commercially and at home.

A little over two years ago this dream became a reality when I contracted a manufacturing company to produce (to my specifications) my line of PAZAZ™ kitchen tools. These tools include a Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan, a Steel Mesh Cooling Rack, and a Silicone Baking Mat.

The reason I chose these three items to manufacture was because they work together in perfect harmony. What I mean by that is these kitchen tools help the chef orchestrate a perfect union to cook evenly, without sticking, the most challenging dishes. Everything from savory to sweet are perfectly and evenly heated to enhance the products flavor profile. Because of previous product testing and the quality of my PAZAZ™ products (made to my exacting specifications) you will enjoy these products for years to come.

I arrived at the dimension for my Heavy Duty Aluminum Sheet Pan by adjusting the dimensions currently offered so that both a commercial and home chef could enjoy the PAZAZ™ quality. Then, I found commercial grade Silicone that would stand the test of items never sticking to it and, of course, the proper dimension to fit inside of the PAZAZ™ Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan. Finally, it was imperative to find the strongest steel mesh to integrate into the PAZAZ™ Cooling Rack. This rack uses integrated circulation technology with the latest in oven tested dynamics to exact a perfect and even cooling of everything from savory to sweet.

After the dimensions and product were made for testing I tested each product from extreme heat (725 degrees) to extreme cold (below freezing). After going through several manufacturers to make sure the quality could withstand the extreme temperatures and were dishwasher safe... I created the brand. As I mention on my web site (www.pazazshop.com) PAZAZ™ is more than a brand, its a lifestyle. "The Magic of Cooking implies the creation of something special, made with love, in the kitchen... an experience by which all others would be judged. Currently my PAZAZ™ products are being used by Jean George and Michael Mina, two world class chefs.

To come up with the brand logo I enlisted a site that offers money for the best logo produced in the world. I sent my thoughts of what I wanted this brand to be and sent it out to the finest commercial artists in the world. The winning logo as witnessed above was created by a gentleman from Bangladesh. I am very proud of the design and the quality of these PAZAZ™ kitchen tools. In addition to all that I wrote a cookbook that is included

with every purchase.

I would appreciate very much if you supported my PAZAZ™ line of kitchen tools over the Christmas Holidays and beyond. Please think of purchasing them as great presents for your friends, family, and those that work for you. Please go to www.pazazshop.com to purchase these wonderful gifts that will bring joy to all those that love to cook.

This blog is sponsored by PAZAZ™ "The Magic of Cooking", Kitchen tools for the discerning chef.

Respectfully, Jack Jenkins (Owner)