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Summer Recipes, PAZAZ™ Style!

Dinner parties in the summer can be a wonderful exercise in creativity. Don't just dip your toe in the pool, jump right in. The beauty of this season is captured with fruit and vegetables that will make your palate sing, your stomach salute, and your heart whisper to your soul.

Peaches and Herb, reunited and it feels so good. White peaches are lower in acid than the yellow peaches and taste sweet whether firm or soft. Now is the time to try these delectable treats that are both fragrant and delicious. Let's get your peach on!

This recipe is a show stopper that incorporates a combination of different textures and tastes to form an overture to the summer bounty.

This is the White Peach/Blueberry salad with goat cheese, apple and avocado finished with a peach vinaigrette and garnished with chive.

First the ingredients:

White Peaches


Butter Lettuce



Goat Cheese




(Pick a colorful plate that accentuates the ingredients with colors such as turquoise, yellow, bright green, or red.)

In the center of the plate use a metal mold to form a lettuce tower. The base should be sliced avocado, then the butter lettuce mixed with cilantro and chive incorporated with cashews and topped with sliced apple. The dressing in this portion of the dish should be a cranberry/pear vinaigrette mixed with virgin olive oil.

Slice the peaches forming a half moon around the tower careful to leave space in between each peach slice. That in-between space will be filled with blueberries outlining the shape of the peach. On top of the peaches and blueberries you will drizzle a peach vinaigrette mixed with basil oil (two parts oil to one part vinaigrette). Then, crumble goat cheese over the top of the peaches, garnish with two full chives crossed and "Bingo", you have a beautifully orchestrated dish.

The beauty of any dish is the collaboration of textures and flavors that provide a montage of different experiences with every bite. Here, the tower provides the textures of the silky smooth avocado, the neutral butter lettuce, the salt and firmness from the cashews, and the crunch of the apple.

Around the tower is the different types of flavors represented by the white peaches and the succulent blueberries. Then there is the grassy flavor from the goat cheese that provides the contrast needed to accent the beauty of the fruit. The acid from the vinegar adds another layer of contrast with the chive garnish the perfect "icing on the cake."

Recipe number two is a savory dish that will most certainly make a grown man/woman cry. They will cry because of the palate exciting experience that elevates even the most mundane personality into a heel clicking, hoedown jumping, rumbling/tumbling ball of inner smiles.

This is the Wagyu beef carpaccio sliced very thin and wrapped around a panko Rogue River blue cheese truffle topped with Perigord black truffles and surrounded with a four leaf balsamic vinegar.

First the Ingredients:

Wagyu beef

Perigord black truffle

Rogue River blue cheese

Panko bread crumbs

Four Leaves balsamic vinegar

Italian parsley

Himalayan sea salt

Take a Wagyu beef filet and cut it into small square pieces. Put each piece of the filet under a film of saran wrap. Take a metal mallet and pound the Wagyu into submission. Each piece should be an inch in diameter and flat as a pancake (dust with Himalayan sea salt).

Make into a ball the Rogue River blue cheese then wrap with panko bread crumbs. Drop them in a vat of frying oil for 30 seconds. Place the carpaccio balls on a rock plate (to add dimension to substance) then place four in the middle of the plate. Shave the Perigord black truffles over the top of the carpaccio balls, surround with the Four Leaves balsamic vinegar and garnish with chopped Italian parsley.

Enjoy this Summer of Love recipe fest to kick off the outdoors... indoors.

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