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A Great Time To Be Alive, PAZAZ™ Style!

When you're in the middle of a generational experience it's time to step back and really appreciate the timing of when you were born and what has happened so far during that time frame.

Here are a few of the AMAZING events that have taken place during my lifetime (not in chronological order)... so far:

1. We landed on the frigging moon!

2. We experienced the dawn of Rock'N'Roll

3. The Beatles (in a category all by themselves)

4. The greatest Rock'N'Roll music during the 70's

5. Watching (LIVE) Muhammad Ali box

6. Hearing Martin Luther King's (I have a dream speech) Live

7. John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy breathing hope into a troubled country

8. Seeing the Warriors win their first Championship in 1975

9. The evolution of TV

10. The 49er's dominance in the 80's

11. The Internet

12. The Cell phone

13. Legalization of Marijuana

14. Healing properties of CBD

15. The Warriors dominance

16. Vinyl to 8 track to cassette to CD to streaming

17. Bringing down the wall in Germany

18. End of the cold war

19. The evolution of food and the many wonderful products we can now access from around the world

20. Farmers turning into winemakers recognized as producing world class wine

21. PAZAZ™ " The Magic of Cooking", Kitchen Tools for the Discerning Chef

22. And the most important event... the birth of my daughter!

If you get a chance to honor the memory of people, places, and events that have formed your life's journey then you are blessed to have been born in a time that focuses on the connection to others and not the connection to an electronic device.

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