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PAZAZ ™ "The Magic of Cooking"

Within this concert of kitchen wizardry lies the skill of connecting ingredients in a symphony of flavors that will dazzle the palate and stimulate the senses.

Through-out time food has been a conduit between family and friends bringing dialogue, joy, and laughter to very special occasions centered around culture and religion. Every culture has its mantra of dishes that are high-lighted at certain festive events.

From tail gate parties at football games, Thanksgiving, and a myriad of other important social interactions the moment that smile comes to your face that brings you back to a wonderful memory... the connection is made.

This is how PAZAZ ™ was born. Quality based products that are orchestrated to produce the finest recipes passed down from generation to generation. It is with this first blog that I enter these products into the realm of outstanding culinary kitchen tools that will withstand the most rigorous tests within the parameters as outlined by the PAZAZ ™ web site, www.pazazshop.com. Also, found on Amazon, PAZAZ ™ will bring a smile to your face as you open the package and see the complimentary cook book and the wonderful product or products you've purchased.

If you have an issue with any product packaged and sent to your door by PAZAZ ™ we would hope

you reach out to me first, Jack... and I will take care of your problem ASAP. Because, without our fine customer service we would be just like any other company... and that we are not.

Call me @ 702-525-4573

or email me @ grandlegacyfoods@gmail.com

The above email is my blog email that will ensure I know where your communication came from.